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What is a Crossline Laser Level

Are you looking to invest in a new laser level but are unsure which to pick? More often than not it can be hard to tell all the laser level technology options apart. Here at Position Partner’s, we know we’re guilty of using technical language which is one of the reasons we’re writing this, to help you understand exactly what our lasers do and how they can help you.

If someone has recommended you use a cross line laser level but you don’t know how it will benefit your project, or even how it is different to all the other lasers on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. As major suppliers of laser levels to the Australian, New Zealand, and South-East Asian markets we’ve become experts at all things laser levels.

To put it in short terms, a crossline laser level is able to produce a horizontal and vertical laser line, either individually or at the same time. This enables you to line up the exact horizontal and vertical coordinates of your project with ease, making your job quicker and easier. The crossline laser level is a popular laser level choice for all industries and applications and often competes against the rotary laser, which we discuss more in our step by step guide for using a rotary laser. 

 How Does a Crossline Laser Level Work? 

The crossline laser is an evolved version of a line laser and the way it works is very similar to the technology deployed in a line laser. The device projects a laser through an optical lens to project the laser as a line instead of a point. If that overcomplicated your understanding, a simple way to understand how it works is thinking of a piece of glass that is flat on one side and curved on the other. When you shine a light or laser through it, it instantly stretches it.

Crossline laser levels have specially built optical lenses that allow them to project two lasers, one vertical and one horizontal. This gives you the choice between having both on or just one. This choice is particularly important depending on the type of work you are doing, as at times it is more of a hindrance than a benefit to have both lasers on.

 What are the Benefits of using a Crossline Laser? 

As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest benefits of using a crossline laser level is the ability to control what lasers you want to use. Other types of lasers don’t provide this choice, you either use a vertical line or a horizontal line and have to manually change it every time. This has a direct impact on your productivity and can make projects that should take a few hours last all day.

Adding to this, the majority of crossline lasers on the market use green lasers. Green lasers are quickly becoming the standard laser colour of choice due to it’s brighter appearance. It is often referred to as easier to see and creates a crisper laser line to work off. While red lasers are still very common in large outdoor projects, there’s been a surge in the use of green lasers, particularly on indoor projects.

 Projects and Professions That Benefit From Crossline Laser Levels 

When it comes to the uses of crossline laser levels the answer is endless if we had it our way people would use crossline laser levels to hang pictures in their homes. But realistically, the main industries that would utilise this technology is the construction and manufacturing industries. The cross line laser is a reliable source of truth when building a structure as it provides an easy to follow, straight guide.

Crossline laser levels are best used indoors, though can handle themselves on outdoor projects. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and other trades will regularly use crossline lasers to ensure their work is straight and correct, however other professions regularly use them as well. Architects, interior designers, project managers, and surveyors will all use crossline lasers as part of their day-to-day life.

 Looking to invest in a Crossline Laser Level? 

If you’re looking to speak with an industry expert about crossline laser levels, get in touch with the team at aLine lasers today! We stock a range of cross-line lasers ideal for all vertical and horizontal alignment tasks.

What is a Crossline Laser Level
What is a Crossline Laser Level

What is a Crossline Laser Level?


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