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8M Pocket Tapes

These reliable tapes are the perfect choice for any tradesperson looking to add an easy read tape measure to their existing collection of linear measurement tools. Here at aLine, we've worked hard to develop the best products in the business, so you can get the job done right. We've been in the industry for a while now, and our customers return to us time and time again when they're looking for quality linear measurement equipment - this 8m tape measure is no exception.

8M Pocket Tapes

A 8m tape for all trades

Whether the job you're working on is a simple case of DIY, or you're a professional carpenter or electrician taking sensitive measurements that will affect the success of the project, this pocket tape measure won't let you down.

Designed for everyday use - 8m tape measure

There are many different pocket tapes available out there, but after you've purchased a similar product for a lower price tag, the reason for its cheap and cheerful price will become immediately obvious. This particular 8m tape incorporates a few different features, including carbon coating which will ensure the tape measure is as durable and hard-wearing as possible. The 8m tape is also made from the highest quality materials and includes an integrated durable locking system. The casing itself has a smooth, non-rubber grip, which will ensure you can continue with the job at hand even in slightly messier or dustier working environments.

8M Pocket tape measure

Contact us today for more information on our linear measurement tools

If you're interested in purchasing our linear measurement equipment such as an 8m pocket tape, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We've got support teams and supply managers based all over Australia, including in Brisbane, Newcastle, Geelong, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Perth Sunshine Coast, Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, Bendigo and Ballarat. Give us a ring, drop us an email or visit our contact us page, and the experts at aLine will be able to answer any tape measurement questions you have about our products like our easy read tape measure or 8m tape measure and any other items we stock here.


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