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ML5GKIT Green Beam Multi-Line Laser

Here at aLine, we've got over 30 years of experience working with laser levels in the industry, which is why all of our products (including this green beam multi-line laser level) are designed to perfectly combine ease of use for tradespeople with exact precision and accuracy. This laser level offers the perfect multi-line laser, with the added visibility that will come with a green beam. Whether you're a tiler, carpenter or electrician, the ML5GKIT Green Beam Multi-Line Laser really is the best laser level for both indoor and outdoor use. You can be assured that it won't let you down. It produces incredibly clear bright green lines in three settings - one vertical line, four horizontal lines and a down dot. There is also a pulse mode setting available for outdoor use with this laser line level.

ML5G Green Multi-line Laser

Endlessly efficient

The ML5GKIT Green Beam Multi-Line Laser can either be used handheld by itself, or mounted on a lightweight platform such as the 5/8' flat tripod, and includes a rotating base for ease of use. This multi-line laser also includes a magnetic ceiling target, has a working range of 15 metre or 30 metres with a receiver, a levelling range of +/- 3 Degrees and has an accuracy rating of +/- 2mm at 10 metres. This laser level is not just efficient when it comes to its functions; however, this multi-line laser is also very power efficient and therefore the best laser level for use wherever accurate verticals and horizontals are required in the construction, cabinetry or other sectors. The power bank has a capacity of 4000mAH, which means the battery life on this laser line level is around 16 hours.

ML5G Green Multi-line Laser 2

Contact aLine 

At aLine, we've got stockists and customer support teams based everywhere in Australia, including in Melbourne, Newcastle, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and Cairns that can let you know if we stock a particular laser level for sale.

We're proud of the amazing customer experience and our friendly team are always happy to discuss with new clients our line of laser level products that include laser line level or the multi-line laser level. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today with any questions you might have about aLine as a company or the green beam laser level we sell.


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