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aLine brings you an advanced millimetre laser receiver, the LRC-MM. Complete with clamp to use on your staff or laser rod, the LRC-MM gives you a precise reading of your distance to grade. With different accuracy bands to suit the tolerance level of the job you’re doing, you can choose from +/- 0.5mm up to +/- 10mm. In addition to the number read out on screen, the unit also includes arrow guides to give a quick visual clue to your distance from grade.

Due to certain limitations of laser levels in the conditions they can operate in, distance and lighting conditions make it hard to see the laser beam. Therefore with the use of a laser detector (or laser receiver) to detect the laser beam, a laser level can still be used in the sunniest or foggiest of weather. Therefore, a laser level detector is essential for the outside use of laser levels, because relying on the visibility of the laser line in the highly variable brightness of outdoor conditions hampers accuracy and reliability. That is why the LR1 green laser detector is a vital part of our laser level accessories range. Like all laser accessories, our green laser detector employs the most advanced and innovative laser levelling technology and offers quality, reliability and accuracy at a great price.

LRC-MM Millimetre Laser Receiver

LR1 Green Laser Receiver and Clamp


  • Packed with handy extras like built-in magnets for suspended ceilings or steel frames, plus vertical and horizontal spirit levels to give you multiple tools in one
  • Rugged housing that’s built to last and withstand the construction site knocks and bumps
  • Extends the range of your laser with up to 300-metre range.


  • Built in magnets for ceilings and metallic ​structures
  • Vertical and horizontal spirit levels
  • Shows distance to grade in mm or cm
  • Choose accuracy increments from +/-0.5mm to +/-10mm
  • Long range up to 300m
  • Up to 40 hours battery

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Our laser level accessories are available from stockists Australia-wide, including Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong, Bendigo, Cairns, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart. If you would like further information about our LR1 Green Laser Receiver and Clamp, or any of our laser accessories, get in touch with our friendly team today. Phone 1300 965 273, or visit our contact page if you need more information on a particular laser detector or laser receiver.


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