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Laser Wall Mount

Lasers are used across a broad range of projects, from building and construction and DIY renovations to indoor decorating or hanging pictures. aLine provides a great range of laser accessories, for projects large and small, including a laser wall mount. Using a laser wall mount laser level can help to ensure your laser is aligned with the utmost accuracy. Using a wall mount in conjunction with a laser receiver (also known as a laser detector) means you can position your laser equipment at precisely the desired working height, reducing errors and improving efficiency on your project. aLine draws on the most advanced and innovative laser levelling technology to design and develop laser accessories, including our wall mount and laser detectors, to the highest standards of reliability and quality.

Laser Wall Mount

Wall mount features

Wall mounts are used in conjunction with a laser detector (or a laser receiver) to improve accuracy, efficiency and consistency in a wide range of construction and DIY projects. The company’s wall mount laser level has an adjustable height, so it can be manoeuvred to the required height to ensure you get the right measurement the first time around. The aLine wall mount also features a 5/8” thread, meaning it is compatible with a broad range of laser levels without the need for adaptors. Our laser level wall mount is a reliable, versatile and durable piece of equipment. The aline wall mount is also a great value.

Laser Wall Mount 2

Contact aLine for wall mount laser level and more

The aLine range of laser accessories (including the laser wall mount and laser receiver or laser detector equipment) is available from stockists throughout Australia, including in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Geelong, Bendigo, Brisbane, Ballarat, Cairns, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Hobart and Adelaide. If you would like further information about our laser wall mount or other laser accessories used in the construction industry, get in touch with our friendly team today. Phone 1300 965 273, or visit our contact page.


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