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Laser Jamb Poles

Laser jamb poles are used in conjunction with other laser accessories in a wide variety of interior fit-out work such as tile work, finishing, electrical work, installation work, cabinetry and etc. A laser jamb pole is a single telescopic laser pole that can be positioned or “jammed” between a floor and ceiling. The laser platform can then be attached to the pole and repositioned up and down the pole to the required height. This means you can consistently get the laser line exactly where you need it with ease and precision. A laser jamb pole is thus an invaluable tool for indoor surveying and construction. The laser jamb pole meets the same high standards of durability, high quality and versatility as all of our laser equipment, having been developed using the most advanced and innovative laser levelling technology.

Laser Jamb Poles

Laser Jamb Poles features

The laser jamb pole is a versatile, high-quality product, used in a variety of indoor applications. It has a 3.6 floor to ceiling laser mount range, which means it can be used in a wide range of indoor contexts. It also features a precision calibrated scale to enhance accuracy and reduce errors and re-adjustment. The laser pole also features a pole mount mechanism and magnetic mount which makes the laser jamb pole fast and easy to use: with quick assembly and disassembly. The laser jamb pole also includes a 5/8-11 and ½-20 mounting stud. The laser jamb pole is a great value.

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