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Laser Enhancing Glasses

Lasers are used in a broad range of projects where an accurate level reference is required, from building and construction to tiling or carpentry. But every project, large or small, has varied lighting across the site. 

From construction to carpentry, the ability to clearly view the laser beam is essential for any project involving laser equipment. Nothing is more frustrating than looking for the laser beam when it's washed out by bright sunlight. So for any project that requires the use of a laser, laser glasses are a crucial part of your laser level accessories to focus the laser beam in ambient light conditions. 

All our laser accessories, including our laser beam enhancing glasses for laser use, are designed and developed to the highest standards of reliability and quality, drawing on over 30 years of industry experience.

Laser Safety Glasses

Laser beam enhancing glasses features

These coloured beam enhancing glasses are designed to help focus and enhance the laser beam, particularly in bright sunlight or brightly lit rooms where the beam is getting 'washed out'. 

Our beam enhancing glasses are the perfect accessory to your aLine laser level products. Although they are often included as part of the laser level kit, having a spare pair if you have more than one person relying on the laser beams on a job, or if you've misplaced or broken your other pair, is a good idea! Depending on the colour of your laser level's beam(s), choose from red (product code 03-10-REDGLASSES) or green (product code 03-10-GRNGLASSES). 

Laser Safety Glasses 2

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In need of laser accessories and beam enhancing glasses for laser use? Then, our laser glasses and laser accessories are available throughout Australia, with stockists in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Brisbane, Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. If you would like further information about our red or green laser safety glasses or laser accessories for the construction industry, get in touch with our friendly team today, phone 1300 965 273, or visit our contact page.


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