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Laser Face Staff

Across a variety of building and construction projects, a reliable, durable and high-quality measuring staff is one of the most important pieces of laser level accessories a surveyor relies on. Used in conjunction with laser level equipment and other laser level instruments, a laser face staff measures on site height differences, and is also used to transfer, measure and set heights. The aLine range of laser accessories, laser level instruments is designed and developed to the highest standards of reliability and quality using the most innovative and advanced laser levelling technology. 

Laser Face Staff

Laser face staff features

The aLine range of measuring staff laser line instruments includes the 5m “E” Face Staff and the 5m ½ cm Face Staff. These longer measuring staffs are useful for projects such as trenching, where a greater working height is needed. The 5m “E” Face Staff (Product Code: 07-10-55ES) is an aluminium staff, with E-graduation, 5 extendable sections and locking buttons. This type of laser level equipment is a heavy-duty staff with a focus on durability and quality. The 5m ½ cm Face Staff (product code 07-10-55HS) is a lightweight aluminium staff, with a 1/2cm face, five sections, and a 5m extendable length. This is a versatile, easy to use measuring staff with an emphasis on quality. Both of these measuring staffs represent great value for money as laser accessories.

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The aLine range of laser level accessories (including the aLine’s laser face staff range) is available across Australia from stockists located in Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne, Geelong, Newcastle, Ballarat, Bendigo, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth. If you would like further information about our laser face staff, measuring staff or other laser accessories, get in touch with our friendly team today. Call 1300 965 273, or visit our contact page.


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