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aLine ML360 Full 360° laser ideal for interior and exterior layout

The ML360 Full 360° laser offers four vertical, four horizontal and plumb point laser beams for an accurate layout in internal and external construction tasks.

aLine measuring tools accelerate aligning and levelling jobs for the building trades with clear, crisp reference lines and a range of cutting-edge features that offer excellent value for money.

aLine’s full 360° laser is made of durable aluminium metal housing to ensure it’s tough enough to withstand the demands of Australian construction sites. Featuring four vertical, four horizontal and plumb point laser beams, the ML360 delivers fully automatic,  360° levelling.

Ideal for interior fit-outs and renovations, wall/floor tiling and electrical layout, the ML360 can be used in the largest of spaces with highly visible beams up to 20 metres. The included laser receiver enables an extended range of 30 metres for exterior layout, site set-out and concreting applications.

“Customers will love the modern look and durable metal housing of the aLine ML360,” said David Gentle, Business Manager – Building, Position Partners. “With the latest features and the versatility to work in all horizontal and vertical layout tasks, it’s the only laser you need on site,” he added.

With a  360° rotating base and easy-to-read marked graduation, the ML360 is intuitive and user-friendly. In addition to the laser and receiver, the kit also includes two magnetic ceiling targets, a wall bracket, a tripod adapter plate, rechargeable batteries and AC charger, a carry case and instruction manual.

aLine measurement tools have a 2-year warranty.

aLine ML360 Full 360° laser


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