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aLine CL-5D Crossline Laser
aLine CL-5D Crossline Laser Application image

aLine announces a new addition to its range of lasers, with the CL-5D crossline laser combination line and dot laser designed for the plastering, tiling, carpentry and electrical trades.

New aLine self-levelling, crossline laser ideal for a range of interior set-out tasks

The aLine CL-5D series laser is equipped with two 180° horizontal/vertical lines, plus five perpendicular dots over the interior fit-out area.

aLine measuring tools accelerate aligning and levelling jobs for the building trades with clear, crisp reference lines and a range of cutting-edge features that offer excellent value for money.

aLine’s new CL-5D model is made of durable housing with an IP56 rating to ensure it’s tough enough to withstand the demands of Australian construction sites.

The CL-5DG is a quick self-levelling laser that features an ‘out of level’ alarm to alert users when the laser is out of the five degrees self-levelling range, and they need to reposition the laser for use. This aLine laser also features a handy low battery power alarm.

This interior set-out laser features a central compensator safety lock switch as well as an indoor-outdoor switch allowing the user to operate the laser with an optional laser receiver. A magnetic wall mount is also provided as standard in the kit to ensure ease of use.

Ideal for interior set-outs, the aLine CL-5D series is a class 2 laser that can be used in the largest of spaces with highly visible beams up to 30 metres.

“The CL-5D shows off its versatility within the marketplace with its ability to be used by a variety of trades, including plasterers, tilers, cabinet maker, carpenters and electricians,” said David Gentle, Business Manager – Building, Position Partners. “Whether its transferring points from the floor to the ceiling or checking plumb or level, the aLine CL-5D has the flexibility to easily handle interior set-out tasks accurately with its optional high visibility green beam.”

“The user can also lock the compensator so that the lines are adjusted to suit manual grade tasks such as set-out for staircases,” he added.

The aLine CL-5D kit includes aLine CL-5D green or red beam crossline laser; magnetic wall mount; target; instruction manual and soft carry case. There is also the option to add a laser receiver in your aLine CL-5D kit that can allow you to transfer levels or check plumb in situations where there is more ambient light. The  CL-5D laser comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty.


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