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Laser accessories you need

When it comes to laser accessories for measuring technology there’s almost too many to count. How do you then decide which ones you need, and which are a waste of time? As the experts in all things lasers, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the accessories we class as absolute necessities. These are the laser accessories you’ll be using every day, every time you need to use your laser.

Whether you are looking to invest in your first laser level or are trying to increase your productivity on-site, the laser accessories we’ll be going through below are sure to help you get the job done faster, easier, and better. Getting the right laser accessories for the kind of laser work you regularly complete can greatly improve your quality of work, as well as improving your day to day working experience. To learn more about the accessories that are going to change the way you work, read on below.

Top 5 Laser Accessories for Precise Measurement

Working with lasers ensures that your work is precise, whether you’re an architect, designer, tiler, carpenter, cabinetmaker, electrician or a building and construction worker. However, we all know that lasers need a few accessories to enable use in different applications. In order to get the most out of your laser, you need the tools and laser accessories that will ensure you are equipped to do the work no matter what the job entails. 

The Top 5 laser accessories you need to invest in are:

Laser Receivers

Laser Enhancement Glasses

Laser Targets

Laser Staves

Laser Tripods and Wall Mounts

    Laser Receivers

    Laser receivers are THE most important accessory for precise laser operation. If you are using lasers to level or measure on your project you need to ensure that the laser is working accurately and is not off balance. The best way to do this is with a laser receiver (also called laser detector). Laser detectors are able to pick up the laser, even when it is not visible to the naked eye, at distances up to 30m.

    Laser receivers are most useful when the weather does not cooperate. When outside, laser visibility relies on the weather to be not too sunny, a tough challenge in the Australian climate. By using a laser receiver you don’t need to be able to see the laser, you just need to be able to detect it, once you’ve done that you can complete your work efficiently and accurately without delay.

    Laser Enhancement Glasses

    If the laser work you are completing requires you to have an accurate vision of the laser at all times then you need to invest in laser enhancement glasses. Using laser enhancement glasses means you won’t waste time trying to find the beam and can see it clearly even in brightly lit areas.

    Laser enhancement glasses are predominantly used indoors and are extremely useful for a range of trades and jobs. From kitchen installation to suspended ceilings, tiling jobs and more, laser enhancement glasses ensure you get the most precise line every time, no matter how bright or dark the conditions. The glasses  can be found in both red and green, depending on the laser colour you are working with.

    Laser Targets

    Laser targets are another economical method of confirming the accuracy of your laser. Whether you are using a laser level for layout, surveying and monitoring applications, you can trust a laser target to make your work both more accurate and faster to complete. Laser targets are simple in design and are one of the cheapest laser accessories to invest in, yet their contribution to the project site is invaluable.

    Laser Staffs

    Laser staffs are yet another inexpensive and highly effective laser accessory to add to your arsenal of tools. A laser staff is used to find the difference in height between various points and is generally found on outdoor surveying projects. Marked with surveying measurements, levelling staves are essential to the calculation of cut and fill and gradients. No matter how high tech laser accessories become, there will always be a need for laser staffs and so are always a good laser accessory investment. 

    Laser Tripods and Wall Mounts

    If your laser did not come with a tripod or mount you’re not getting the most out of your laser levelling equipment. Tripods and wall mounts extend the capabilities of your laser trifold. By being able to place your laser on uneven surfaces or have it stand on its own using a tripod, you’re not relying on other surfaces to give you stability. Wall mounts also provide a stable and space-saving mount for regular indoor laser use. If you are using lasers regularly and need accuracy, picking up either a wall mount or tripod for your laser will greatly benefit the quality of your work.

    For All Accessory Needs Pick aLine Laser

    aLine Laser has the laser accessories you need to get your work done in the most efficient and productive way. Give the team at aLine Laser a call today on 1800 702 797 to find out more about how five laser accessories can completely change the way you work for the better. Don’t forget to explore the full range of aLine Lasers and Laser Accessories online.

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