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Congratulations to Jason O'Brien winning a CL2G Laser Kit

Jason O’Brien is enjoying his new aLine CL2G Kit. Last November we ran a Facebook competition whereby contestants had to tell us in 25 words or less why they should win a CL2G green beam cross line laser kit worth $379. https://www.facebook.com/topconaustralia/. Jason’s winning entry was “Be good to have one, in case someone says 'you got a lasers?' Yeah I've got aLine CL2G what of it.'

Jason has been working as a carpenter for the past eight months for a company called Coreform, which employs around 20 to 30 people and is based in Adelaide.

Jason stated that he mainly uses the CL2G for levelling construction columns and slab shelves, although currently he is working on a building site on Henley Street and using the laser on stair shafts. He has already used and built 10 levels and has another 10 levels to go.

“It’s extremely beneficial for measuring levels and unlike other lasers that you can only use inside, this one has the bright green beam and a laser receiver to enable you to use it 24/7 inside and out,” Jason said. “Although I won it so didn’t have to buy one, I’d say it represents great value for money as others are far more expensive and don’t do half the job.”

“This laser is better and smaller than other brands I have previously used.” I would definitely recommend this laser and receiver, it certainly makes my job a lot easier!” he added with enthusiasm.

For any tradie, the aLine CL2G Crossline Laser is an accurate, self-levelling instrument that projects extremely bright visible green lines and is ideal for both interior and exterior layout projects.

The laser level emits one vertical, one horizontal and crossline beams. To enable it to operate outdoors, the CL2G Crossline Laser uses a pulse mode setting and aLine LR1 Green Laser Detector. The instrument has an integrated rotating base with fine screw adjustment and can be used alone or mounted on a 5/8' flat top tripod. The laser comes with a 2-year warranty. The Kit also includes a wall bracket, magnetic ceiling target, carry case, LR1 Green Laser Receiver & Clamp and a 0.65 m tripod. The CL2G is tough enough to keep up with the demands of even the most challenging environments and job sites.

Click onto the link to find more about the laser and to download the brochurre http://www.alinelaser.com.au/cl2-green-crossline.html For more information, or to find your nearest reseller, you can always contact us on 1300 965 273 today. Keep an eye out for our next Facebook competition coming soon.​

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