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aLine CL-5D Crossline Laser Application
aLine CL-5D Crossline Laser
aLine CL-5D Crossline Laser Application

Benefits of Green Crossline Lasers

Lasers are quite arguably one of the largest contributors in the controlled accuracy of leveling among residential and commercial construction alike.

With the introduction of green lasers in the late 1990s to early 2000s, professional construction and DIY workers everywhere have seen an increase in efficiency and visibility when working with green laser levels. 

Along with the affordability of a green cross-line laser, the human eye’s native ability to see the colour’s cool hue easier than red has made the green cross-line laser the preferred choice when wanting an on-target measurement in any light condition. This becomes a large factor for contractors and DIY.

In leveling specific jobs or tasks, green cross-line lasers are subpar to none. Good visibility is a must with any leveling work. A leveling laser’s job becomes more and more important in high brightness daylight. A green light is able to be picked up in light and dark rooms. Making a powerful green laser leveling tool the perfect addition to your company toolkit. 

Why crossline self leveling lasers will save you time and money

We’ve all been there; finicking about with tripods, staring at a little bubble that just doesn’t want to fit. Having someone walk past and bump the level. All of these tasks take time out of your day. Which in the end, costs you and your business money.

With most cross-line self-leveling lasers, you don’t have to lift a finger. Set it up, and let the electronic self-leveling application do the work. 

Reach further distances with green lasers

Green crossline lasers use a prism to deflect their laser in a fan or angle of approximately 180 degrees vertically, horizontally, or both. As mentioned earlier, this creates a bright, steady beam of green light that is extremely legible on most surfaces. 

Best projects for green crossline lasers

The need to adjust alignments or create levels in your house, business, or site can arise at any time. So it always pays to be prepared. 

Using a green crossline laser, you will be able to quickly map out in installation of:

Kitchen Cabinets


Bathroom Tiling

Floating Shelves

Wall Art

Menu Boards

We recommend the aLine CL-5DG Green Crossline Laser

The CL-5DG Green Crossline Laser from aLine is a powerful, and heavy-duty cross-line self-levelling laser.

Suitable for both general and interior construction applications, the CL-5DG laser features horizontal and vertical self-levelling lines, plus five perpendicular dots over the interior fit-out area. The aLINE CL-5DG Green Crossline Laser additionally boasts many highly advanced features not always found in cross-line lasers.

Quick look features:

Green Beam technology

Quick self-levelling with ‘out of level’ alarm

Horizontal and vertical self-leveling

¼ inch tripod screw connection point

Indoor and outdoor switch

Accuracy - Line ±3mm @ 10m


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