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About Us

About aLine

At aLine we are committed to designing and manufacturing the best laser level and laser accessories available on the market and are backed by more than 30 years of unparalleled industry experience. We specialise in supplying linear measuring equipment such as laser levels and accessories for the construction and interior design of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Some of the many product lines we offer for sale include tripods, measuring poles, tapes and line laser levels.

Our laser levels and accessories were created to give tradespeople a professional edge, by providing them with a range of accurate and dependable tools to complete a broad scope of layout tasks. Showcasing bright, clean and crisp reference lines, aLine products and each laser level for sale is always ensured that whatever the conditions the most accurate layout is achieved.

Why aLine is an industry leader in laser levels and measuring equipment

We are proud to be recognised industry-wide as a leading manufacturer and supplier of laser level equipment, laser accessories and linear measuring equipment. Architects, carpenters, cabinetmakers, electricians, interior designers, DIY home renovators and many other tradespeople throughout Australia seek after each and every laser level for sale of ours.

All of the products we design represent excellent value-for-money, due to being carefully researched and engineered with cutting-edge features to accelerate the delivery of aligning and levelling tasks in the building trades. In conjunction with providing the most innovative laser levelling technology and best laser levels Australia-wide, our equipment is also durable, as it's reinforced with a strong exterior casing.

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Laser levels and accessories stockists Australia-wide

To more effectively support our customers, aLine has stockists and service centres Australia-wide in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Brisbane, Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. Our service centres have expertly trained technicians available to offer our customers the highest standard of ongoing service, warranty repairs and equipment calibration.

We are committed to providing professional sales and after sales service to our customers and offering a complete solution to their linear measuring equipment and laser accessories demands for residential, commercial or industrial applications.

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Contact aLine for your laser levels and accessories

For further information about aLine or if you have any queries regarding locating the right laser level for sale or getting the best laser level call us today on 1300 965 273. You can also send us an enquiry about our laser levels and accessories or services via our contact page and a member of our team will reply as soon as possible.


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